Join and Impact Through Membership

There is no better time than now to be a member of the TCU Block T Association! Join, renew, and spread the word to your fellow TCU letterwinners to continue elevating the impact of the Association (click link to join or renew). Since the 1920’s, the Association has embraced and honored TCU’s best. There’s history here. Your history.


We have been rallying around four words: UNITE, SUPPORT, ENRICH, and ENGAGE.


We UNITE and come together under the special bond we share as TCU letterwinners.

We SUPPORT the network of Horned Frogs of today and yesteryear as students, athletes, and current and future leaders. We emphasize networking and helping letterwinners build their careers and businesses.

We ENRICH by pouring in and investing quality time and resources into one another and our community of letterwinners.

We ENGAGE by celebrating and enjoying the company of our entire TCU Block T Association membership and welcoming ALL letterwinners under the common bond of the Block T earned as a student-athlete.


We need your help to continue growing and expanding our programs which support current TCU student-athletes and our former letter-winners. We have invested in and introduced Horned Frogs Connect which will continue to expand as a prominent platform for the Association. Increased mentorship, more engaging events and fellowship, and enhanced support and celebration of you all as members and your businesses remains our focus. You can directly support all of these areas through membership dues and additional giving.


Join, renew your dues, and spread the word today: JOIN. Click the following link if you need to check on your current membership status: STATUS. Also consider making an additional gift to:

  • Block T Association Operating Budget – supporting Block T Association daily operations and programs
  • The Legacy Fund – an endowment fund supporting the TCU Athletics Hall of Fame, the Tomlinson Student-Athlete Development Program and TCU Athletics capital building projects
  • Lifetime Membership (payable over 5 years)
    • The Lifetime Membership gives members at the Lifetime Level special benefits including exclusive Lifetime Member Block T apparel.