Letter Ring

It is the last special award that you receive when you graduate as a student-athlete, athletic manager or trainer at TCU.

If you didn’t receive one when you graduated or lost yours or just like to get a new one, we can special order you one from the Association.


How do I qualify?

If you are a graduate and have received a varsity letter at TCU in any of the sports for men and women recognized by the NCAA, or any Letter previously awarded by the TCU Athletic Board, you are eligible to receive and order a Letter Ring. We will verify if you qualify before we place the order.

To order your ring, please follow the information below:

  • Please email the TCU Block T Association that you are interested in purchasing a Letter Ring
    • Please email us your name, year and sport (Ath. MGR or TRN) and ring size and mailing information to lettermens.tcu.edu
  • We will then verify your information and reply with ring ordering approval information.
  • We will then ask you to mail in a check or call with a credit card number to the contact information below

Men’s and women’s rings are $250.00 each. Please allow ten weeks for delivery.

Make check payable to the TCU Block T Association

Please mail to: TCU Block T Association TCU Box 297140 Fort Worth, TX 76129 Phone: (817) 257-5471

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