Legacy Fund

Planting a seed today for our Legacy Tomorrow. Make a Donation Today

The Legacy Fund was set up and unitized in 2013 by the TCU Block T Association Board of Directors in an effort to preserve the Legacy of the organization and to set precedence as a philanthropic entity.

On January 1, 2018, the fund was revised to go along side updates payout business practices. The Board of Directors revised the fund’s payout area to reflect the changes need to continue the find.

The Fund’s Annual payout is 5% of the Funds current balance as of Dec. 31 of each year.

The Funds payout will go to four line items that are concurrent to the funds core value: “Planting a Seed today for Our Legacy Tomorrow”

The Fund’s payout will be divided between these four areas : athletic capital projects and building improvements, Hall of Fame Area in Schollamier Arena, Student-Athlete Development Area and budget underwriting & outreach.

If you are interested in making a tax-deductible gift to the Fund, please click HERE. Donations to the Fund also receive Horned Frog Priority Points (if requested)

More than $36,000 has been distributed since our first payout on Jun 1, 2013, below is the current breadown

Balance as of 12.31.17–  $240,275.66 (263,888.47 – Market Value)

Payout for Jun 1, 2018 – $12,060.34



Year Balance/ Dec. 31 (MValue)
Payout ($) Jun 1 Capital Projects Operating Budget Hall of Fame Area Student Ath-Dev.
2018 263,888.47 12,060.34 3,015.08 3,015.08 3,015.08 3,015.08
Total Since 6/2014 41,075.20        
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