Below are some frequently asked questions about the Block T Association.

Q: What is the Block T Association?
It is a special club for former TCU student-athletes, managers and trainers.

Q: What are the qualifications?
All former TCU student-athletes, managers and trainers, who have received a varsity letter in their sport(s) for at least one year while at TCU.

Q: Do club sports or TCU Recreation and Junior Varsity Sports count.
Unfortunately, No.

Q: How do I submit my information to join?
Please click HERE to join and you will then be redirected to a secure online membership page to sign up.

Q: What if I don’t remember if I won a Varsity letter?
We encourage you to apply for membership and during the reviewing process we will check our records and get back to you as to whether or not you qualify.

Q: How do I know if I have to renew my dues?
Your membership to the Block T Association is on annual basis, unless you joined as a Lifetime member. Renewal notices will be sent out prior to your anniversary date. So If you joined the Block T Association in June of 2015, your renewal information would be sent out sometime in late May 2016 for your June renewal. If you joined the Block T Association in March of 2015, then your anniversary month of joining is March and you will receive renewal information in late February 2016 (for example).

Q: Why am I not on the mailing list?
If you feel that you are not getting any correspondences from the Block T Association, please feel free to email us with your current contact information and we will check our records to verify you correct address, email, phone numbers etc. Please email us by clicking HERE.

Q: Where can I get more information on the Block T Association?
Please visit all of the links on this website for further information.

Q: Do I receive Horned Frog Priority Points for being a Block T Member?
Yes! You receive one point for every $100 of membership.

Q: How do I receive the Bonus 10 Horned Frog Priority Points?
To receive the 10 bonus Horned Frog Priority Points you must be current in both your Block T Association Membership as well as current in your Frog Club membership. To visit the Frog Club Website click HERE.  To visit the Horned Frog Priority Point Website click HERE.

Q: When I Check My Priority Points Online, It Shows “0” Points for being a Block T member?
The line item “Letterman” on the Horned Frog Priority Points calculation show the extra bonus points and not points for being just Block T Association member. If the line item reads “10” that means you’re both a Block T Association member and current Frog Club member and are receiving the 10 bonus points.

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