Dutch Meyer Scholarship

L.R. “Dutch” Meyer made a gift to TCU in 1964 to initiate a scholarship fund for the children of former TCU athletes who elect to attend TCU.


Current Recipients of the DMS for the 2019-20 Academic Year:





Sienna Benavides Senior Freddie Benavides | ’87 Baseball
Madeline Blair Freshman Robby Blair | ’93 M. Swimming
Abbie Conrad Sophomore Ellie Stark | ’94 W. Tennis
Parker DuBose Junior Carroll Dubose | ’64 Football
Caddie Dull Senior John Dull | ’87 Football
Haley Falls Senior Max Falls | ’76 M. Tennis
Ryan Firestone Junior Brad Firestone | ’92 Baseball
Alise Ford Junior  James Craig Ford | ’87 Athletic Trainer
Kristen Godby Sophomore Kirk Godby | ’85 Baseball
Kirsten Hallmark Senior Trey Hallmark | ’87 M. Golf
Mallory McCurdy Sophomore Jeff McCurdy | ’97 Baseball
Sean Payne Freshman Victor Payne | ’02 Football
Haley Redding Senior Kelly Paul Redding | ’90 W. Golf
Grant Sadler Senior Billy Sadler | ’72 Football
Avery Sadler Sophomore Billy Sadler | ’72 Football
Cruz Shope Junior Jared Shope | ’91 Baseball
Bella Shope Freshman Jared Shope | ’91 Baseball
Brynne Smith Sophomore Rob Smith | ’95 Football
Isabella Thomas Freshman Kurt Thomas | ’95 M. Basketball
Mitchell Thresher Sophomore Scott Thresher | ’90 M. Soccer
Meagan Van Harp Senior William Van Harp | ’85 Football

Download PDF of Dutch Meyer Scholarship Application – CLICK HERE



  • Applications are received at the Block T Association Office (deadline for application is Feb. 1 each year)
  • Applications are recorded and placed on file at the TCU Block T Association Office.
  • Block T Association staff researches member activity/history and adds data to the file.
  • Applications are passed on to the Director of Scholarships and Financial Aid , Attn: Mike Scott.
  • DSFA researches applicant’s TCU Application status and financial aid data to complete the file.
  • DMS Committee meets on or before March 1 each year and is briefed on the DMS Applicants and is provided a report on the DMS fund and the available DMS funds to be awarded.
    • DMS Committee makes formal recommendations as to scholarship recipients and individual scholarship amounts for each recipient.
  • Scholarship Awards are announced no later than April 1 each year.
  • Winners will be notified by letter signed by the Scholarship Committee in addition to normal DSFA communications.
  • Winners will receive information from DSFA concerning disbursement procedures.
  • Scholarship winners are instructed to contact the TCU Block T Association of information on photo day, Hall of Fame functions and other requirements.


  • The DMS is awarded on an annual basis to winners as long as they maintain satisfactory academic progress toward their degree as defined by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. The scholarship is intended for undergraduate assistance and expires upon completion of the winner’s undergraduate degree or DMS recipient’s failure to maintain required  academic progress.
  • DMS scholarship amounts are determined on an annual basis.
  • DMS awards can be revoked if low GPA, improper conduct or expulsion from TCU occurs.
  • DMS winners are required to attend the TCU Athletics Hall of Fame Banquet annually and work at least one TCU Block T Pre-Game Tailgate at a TCU Football home game.
  • By applying, DMS winners grant permission to the TCU Block T Association to use their photo and likeness in DMS/TCU Block T Association promotional materials.
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